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Kelly Davis, E-RYT, CPT, YACEP
Yoga, Personal Training, Veterans, Kids, Weightloss
Greenville, South Carolina

"Kelly is an outstanding person and teacher.

She is insightful, infectiously enthusiastic, dedicated, and comprehensive. I look forward to each and every class with her." - Gerald F, New York, NY


"The best of the best!

I'm in a yoga class 6 days/week and it's hard to find a teacher who incorporates everything I love... yes, a good "workout" is nice, but what really makes it special for me is the rare teacher who can also effortlessly weave in spiritual teaching, meditation, chants, and explanations of the poses. Kelly does it all! I take her vinyasa classes which are dynamic without being overwhelming... her energy is calm and upbeat at the same time. And an extra bonus which is just icing on the cake for me, is that she'll chant for us as we're lying in savasana at the end of class... it feels like the ultimate form of self-care at the end of an already top-notch class." - Deborah R, New York, NY



As someone who needs constant stimulation to stay interested in anything, I was skeptical that yoga could provide that. Moreover, I didn't believe that yoga could work up a sweat as I was promised. I was surprised on both accounts. Kelly convinced me to to take her class, so I did, reluctantly. Not only was it mentally stimulating, I found that I was working different muscle groups than I ever did in my regular workout routines and I did in fact work up a sweat. Kelly made my very first yoga experience a great one, and I have enjoyed many classes with her since. I have seen her teach a room of all different levels and abilities, and somehow manage to relate and impart into each person in the class. I highly recommend her."  - Aaron D, New York, NY









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