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My yoga classes are inspired by life around me, celebrating our joys and breathing through our challenges.  Combining themes with breath, movement and music, the practice becomes a moving meditation, a peaceful prayer, a warrior cry, or just a sweaty mess.  I cater to all bodies and physical levels including adults, seniors, injured, awkward and children.


My personal training style takes into consideration your individual fitness goals as well as where your body is meeting you today.  Do we need to stretch?  Focus on core strength?  Go all-out and get shredded?  Let’s work together to take your fitness to the next level.  


About Kelly Davis:

An ex-perfectionistAn actress who knew there had to be more.  A bartender who needed a break. A WOMAN at the end of her rope.   A bright, friendly SOUL who was eager to find her place in the world.  Now I serve up inspiration instead of hangovers.  


My personal fitness routine is an intense blend that stimulates both my body and mind.  An avid weightlifter and gym goer, I love to feel strong.  As a dedicated yogi I believe in balancing that intensity and check in daily with my subconscious.  


Each of my classes is an exploration of the human condition, delving into whatever is prevalent in that exact moment.  With the strength to embrace change, the courage to let go, and the patience to find stillness in the jungle, we emerge as warriors of peace and mindfulness.  This is my mission to my community, my generation, and my planet.  


When I'm not at the yoga studio or the gym, I can be found riding my bicycle, drinking cabernet, or doting on my cats Cheeky and Gizmo.

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